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Maker of fine leather goods in Northland.



Handmade, customised leather bags and accessories  

Locally sourced leather, crafted with love and care in Whangarei 


"Bringing leather to life" by making colourful, playful, airy, light and inviting leather products.  

Leather was a natural choice for Kingfisher Leather NZ founder Vivien King – after all, she hails from rural Northland where people make things to last.  

Both Vivien and her mother had a love of stitching, so it made sense that leather became her passion following on from a career in customer service and working in the NZ-made leather shoe industry.  

Vivien has been creating leather goods since 2016 with a focus on practical high quality handmade products. She chooses leather as it recalls an age when fashion items were made with more value and lasted longer.    

Every item at Kingfisher Leather is made with a focus on honouring the potential of every piece of leather. 


Testimonials from New Zealand customers who love Kingfisher 
Leather fashion: 


“I saw someone rocking one of your amazing bags today at work, it was such a gorgeous colour of red. Even had one of your tassels!”
– Brianna Langman, 5/5 

“Not much of a handbag girl but bought one and love it.....felt comfy straight away.”
– Andrea Smith 

“Wow! Kingfisher Leather! your work is amazing, with such beautiful bags and a good selection of leather beltsโ€ฏ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you Vivien for the leather belt, it's the best Father's day present!! He was totally stoked !โ€ฏ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š”
– Rach Wellwood 

– Angela de Wal 


What Kingfisher Leather symbolises 


The kingfisher logo is uniquely special to Vivien King. The sacred Kingfishers highlight the strong family and spiritual bonds seen so often in nature. One of NZ’s brightest birds, the kingfishers colourful bright feathers with the contrasting underside stand out.

"The Kingfisher Birds inspire me to design and create bright complementing patchwork designs with contrasting colours that connect with nature and your outfits.” 


Expertise in handmade NZ leather bags and accessories 


Vivien gained the Certificate in Small Business Management in 2017 and is using her expertise to craft a line of bags which people connect with functionally and love to wear.  

Vivien’s point of difference is combining the natural uniqueness of every hide of leather with designs that give each bag personality. Whangarei’s handmade Kingfisher Leather bags come in a variety of tones and colours – plus stylish placement of zips, buckles and clasps.  

Vivien has sewn since a young age and comes from a sewing family. “My mum hand-made patchwork designs and quilts for years. I worked in Lastrite Footwear Ltd and watched a raw product being manufactured through to an end product – and fully NZ made. That’s where my love for NZ made came through and an appreciation for real craftmanship. I appreciate taking leather from a flat raw hide to a usable stunning item. Always happy when I see the end result” 

 “It’s about exclusivity,” Vivien says. “When people touch it they enjoy the pliability, how it softens with age. It’s both durable and soft at the same time.”  

“People love to buy local and support NZ Made now and to know how there items are made. They recognise the value in my products and it is great to see them connecting with my workmanship and designs.” 


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