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Fine leather bags and accessories from Northland, New Zealand. Quality handmade authentic leather goods 


Based in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, Kingfisher Leather NZ provides handmade leather products, each uniquely crafted with love and dedication from quality natural leather.


Designer and creator Vivien King brings years of knowledge and experience to the craft of leathermaking. 


Every item at Kingfisher Leather is crafted from a 100% genuine leather hides including cow, deer and  sometimes pigs skin.   

Kingfisher Leather prides itself on: 

  • Shipping to anywhere in New Zealand 

  • Real leather with the feel and smell everyone loves.  

  • Appearing regularly at artisan trade shows  
  • Leather sourced almost exclusively from New Zealand leather suppliers


  • Special embossed, patterned and textured leather incorporated into bespoke one-off designs  
  • Bright colours are always sourced to provide a little flare, though to standard autumnal tones of Mad Dog brown, black and navy blue leather are most sought after.  

Meet leather craftsman Vivien King.


Whangarei local Vivien was brought up on a farm at Maromaku.  Vivien is in touch with nature, and her passion for handmade organic products comes through in her bags, which are naturally crafted towards tones and inspiration from our natural native NZ. 

The same amount of love and care is put into every product to produce all Kingfisher Leather’s quality products.  

Vivien loves to help customers achieve their needs of practical verses fashion by matching colours and designs with the features that bring a person joy. Every Kingfisher Leather tote bag, handbag, belt or purse will mature with age into your own personal leather goodness.

Choose a Whangarei-made handcrafted 100% Kiwi bag which is 

  • Durable and at the same time soft and stylish 
  • Is crafted by a local designer who can always amend the item for you 
  • Fully organic 
  • Not imported from overseas, NZ Made. 
  • Won’t break down quickly as quality so reduce landfill. 
  • Support a local small New Zealand business.


Kingfisher Leather goods can be tailored to provide:  

  • YKK metal zips for seamlessly sealing a handbag, purse or wallet 
  • Fully adjustable cross-body design 
  • Just the right weight 
  • Easy access to items in your bag 
  • A suitable number of pockets including a hidden pocket for security 
Vivien King

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