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Level 3 Alert Contactless Pickups


  • No customers are permitted to enter the workshop or the house.


Contactless collection box, workshop and all people contact areas, will be regularly hygienically cleaned to keep all people safe from exposure to Covid-19 under the Ministry of Health guidance lines.


Please note that with all orders your personal contact details will be collected on my business contact tracing register under the Government's recommendations and the Ministry of Health operating rules.

This register will be kept for 4 weeks then destroyed in compliance with the Privacy Act


"Please keep vigilant" and thank you for your support.



Click & Collect Pick Up - Whangarei FREE


Kingfisher Leather NZ Workshop,

79 Whau Valley Road, Whangarei,


  • I will contact you when your item is ready for collection.
  • Drive to the end of right of way, then take the left road up hill to the white house.
  • Contactless collection can be made from plastic collection box, in front of workshop, under Kingfisher Leather sign. Please use the disinfectant to wash your hands before opening the box and after collection. 


If you require any further communications during pick up, phone 02102261796 or communicate from outside the front of workshop keeping the 2 metre distancing rule at all times, through the window.



Click & Send - FREE POSTAGE During Level 3 and Level 2 Alert


  • Please place order at
  • FREE DELIVERY with any order placed.
  • Items sent by courier will be tracked. Please allow extra time for delivery as we expect courier delays under Alert Level 3. 
  • I will be making all local deliveries in Whangarei city for FREE so will contact you with arrangements as orders are placed. 


Thank you for supporting a locally handmade product and small business. 


Vivien King

Kingfisher Leather NZ


Covid -19 - Stay united NZ


Level 3  Alert 

  • No customers are permitted to enter the workshop or the house.
  • Contactless collection box at shop/ workshop and all people contact areas, will be regularly hygienically cleaned regularly to keep all people safe from exposure to Covid-19 under the Ministry of Health guidance lines.
  • Please note that with all orders, your personal contact details will be collected on my business contact tracing register under the Government's recommendations and the Ministry of Health operating rules. This register will be kept for 4 weeks then destroyed in compliance with the Privacy Act 


"Please keep vigilant" and thank you for your support.


Click & Collect Pick Up - Whangarei FREE


Kingfisher Leather NZ Shop/Workshop,

79 Whau Valley Road, Whangarei

 Level 3

  • I will contact you when your item is ready for collection.
  • Contactless collection can be made from plastic collection box, in front of shop/ workshop, under Kingfisher Leather sign. Please use the disinfectant to wash your hands before opening the box and after collection.


If you require any further communications during pick up, phone 02102261796 or communicate from outside the front of workshop keeping the 2 metre distancing rule or I will communicate to you through the window.


Level 2 

  •  I welcome you to shop with Kingfisher Leather and support small business.
  • I will contact you when your order is ready for collection.
  •  Keeping the 1 metre distance rule when collecting.
  • I will have hand sanitizer for you to use when you arrive and when you leave.

Level 1

  •  Pick up by arrangement so I will contact you when your order is ready.
  • You are welcome to come and view my products at my shop/workshop. Please arrange a time with me by calling 02102261796. 

"Support local and stay united for Covid-19"


Click & Send - FREE POSTAGE During Level 3 and Level 2 Alert



  • FREE DELIVERY with any orders placed.
  • Items sent by courier will be tracked. Please allow extra time for delivery as we expect courier delays under Alert Level 3 and 2.
  • I will be making all local deliveries in Whangarei city myself, free, so will contact you with arrangements as orders are placed.
  • Please be assured that regular hand washing and hygiene procedures will be followed throughout the making of your item and when packaged.
  • Your's and my safety is our my first  concern. 
  • Level 1 - Yah back to normal business but staying vigilant and united against Covid-19. 

  Thank you for supporting a small local NZ business

during these challenging times.


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